Tahoe Dream Vacations Really do Come True

March 27, 2012

Cost is always a big factor when deciding where and when to go for the family’s summer vacation. Since most popular destinations lure travelers near and far, the price tags associated with each can get rather hefty.

A Lake Tahoe Rental

Yet, wise vacation-planning parents have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to saving money. For example, those who head to Lake Tahoe each summer know that staying in a condominium or a single-family home instead of a hotel is a huge cost-saver.

It’s not the equivalent of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but the accommodations and the nightly rates one pulls up on vacation rental websites, such as goldfishproperties.com, may be just as amazing.

It’s no magic show or illusion either. The basic fact is the inventory in and around the beautiful alpine setting of Lake Tahoe allows travelers to find great low rates – even in the peak tourism time of summer.

Adding to the benefit is the amount of extra space and bedrooms that come with each non-hotel rental, which means more friends and family members can join in the fun and help lower the rates.

Taking one of the most expensive – and luxurious – homes on the Goldfish Properties website is a great example of just how someone can turn a fantasy vacation into a reality.

Just steps from the lake is a stunning, opulent home that looks like it may be owned by Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. The amenities include: 9,000 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, 2 master suites, 4 sofa beds, steam shower, movie theater with eight leather recliners, game room with pool table and built-in surround sound speaker system, several large-screen HD televisions, hot tub, large deck with view, and a huge backyard with BBQ.

A Luxury Vacation Rental Home in Lake Tahoe

It is a home fit for a king. And, coincidentally, a few middle-class families.

With a $1400 per night rate, it may seem really expensive on the surface. Upon further review, however, the astute planner realizes this actually may be an ideal choice for a summer family reunion or get-together with old friends.

Not only is it directly across the street from the shores of one of the most stunning natural wonders in the world, but it also comfortably sleeps a whopping 22 people.

That means if five different families opted to reserve this amazing home, it would only cost each of them $280 per night. On the flip side, the Hyatt Lake Tahoe resort down the street charges $400 per night during the summer – and that’s for a basic 1-bedroom option with no lake view.

All high-end accommodations aside, it is finally becoming a well-known fact that renting a condominium, townhouse, or home is a superb way to save money while enjoying a fabulous Lake Tahoe vacation.

Considering there are condos for just $137 per night and spacious homes starting at $200, all within walking distance of the lake, the whole Tahoe vacation-planning process might be magical after all.