Summer Vacations Heat Up in Tahoe

August 17, 2011

The city of Reno may have its nationally recognized vintage car show, but most people know Lake Tahoe is the place to be for hot August nights.

Not only is the high-altitude alpine setting the ideal place to escape scorching temperatures elsewhere, but the tourist action really heats up during the last month of summer.

While Christmas and New Years are extremely popular times to head to Tahoe, it is the mad rush to squeeze in one last vacation before school starts that brings vacationers flooding into the Tahoe Basin like the melting snow waters.

Fourth of July brings the most hotel and condominium bookings, but that is usually for a few days only. When it comes to a steady flow of crowds hitting the hotels, condos, rental homes, as well as the beach, casinos, hiking trails, and lake  – August, just like its namesake Augustus did before it, rules supreme.

To folks in the tourism-related industry, and to put a spin on a popular Counting Crows album title, there’s August and everything after. To those on vacation, it’s the last bastion of R&R before returning to a lengthy stint of work and school.

And what better place to do that than Lake Tahoe. If there is any place to find serenity and peace of mind to help revive the soul and raise the energy levels before the onslaught of duties once again befall most parents, it’s the Sierra Nevada.

If the giant pine trees and towering granite peaks aren’t enough to immediately make one smile, the dark blue shimmering water of Lake Tahoe will.

Summer is quickly winding down, but the activities and fun in Tahoe are just heating up. With a little time left before most schools start, Tahoe is the perfect spot to enjoy a last-minute vacation. Then all parents can do as Augustus said, and “make haste slowly” back home.