Summer is Finally Here – Let the Games Begin

June 24, 2011

A few weeks ago it was snowing in the Sierra Nevada. Despite being the end of May, the area was receiving yet another 6-12 inches on top of an already record snowpack. With the ski resorts closed and everyone’s mind on summer, it was not a sight for sore, snow-blinded eyes.

Like the occasional elderly driver behind the wheel, Old Man Winter took his sweet time leaving the area. In fact, according to scienitsts at the Central Sierra Snow Lab, they had nearly 54 feet of snow this year. While not quite a record, the late spring storms did give most parts of the Tahoe Basin record snow depths for that time of year. The June 7 total at the snow lab was 7.8 feet, roughly two inches higher than the previous record set back in 1967.

Squaw Vally Ski Resort saw more snow this year than it has since it started keeping records back in 1970 and Northstar-At-Tahoe had 667 inches, which is the most snowfall in 25 years.  That was fantastic news to skiers and snowboarders, but once the ski resorts closed after Memorial Day – all eyes turned wishfully toward summer.

Let There Be Sun

Fortunately, residents and visitors got their wish. Shortly after several cold fronts moved through, sunshine and warmth descended upon the alpine region. The 70+ temperatures quickly melted all the snow around the lake. The fantasic weather has only continued and the snow is retreating toward the higher elevations like glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age.

The result of which now has residents and visitors gearing up for a fantastic summer. While the creek and river runoff will be extrmely high – and cold – just about all normal summer activities are underway. Most golf courses, such as the Incline Village Championship and Mountain Course, are open and people are already out hiking, biking, and boating. Even many raft companies are in full operation.

After such a long and frigid winter, the summer has finally come to Lake Tahoe. And that’s a sight for sore eyes.

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