Tahoe Vacationers: Time to Check Out Condos

November 8, 2011

When it comes to planning a family vacation, most people research and book a reservation at the best, and hopefully least expensive, hotel in and around their respective destination.

In the case of Lake Tahoe, however, most travelers are finding condominiums and houses the most accommodating of accommodations.

Crystal Bay Condo View

Not only is there a plethora of spacious, top-notch townhouses and single-family homes all within a short walk or drive to the lake, ski resorts, golf courses, shopping, and other points of interest, they usually are much less expensive than a hotel.

While a room at the Hyatt Regency in Incline Village may run $150 on a Saturday night during the month of December, a visitor to the north shore can get a very nice 2- or 3-bedroom condominium with two bathrooms and a kitchen for the same price.

For those looking to really stretch their dollar this winter, there are condo options for even less, such as two-bedrooms close to the ski resort, Diamond Peak, and other conveniently located options near downtown Incline Village. For those who require smaller places, there are one-bedroom rentals scattered throughout the Tahoe Basin that carry a nightly winter price tag of below $100.

Unlike the one-room accommodations at a hotel, condominiums and homes come with multiple rooms, lofts, cots, pull-out couches, and other amenities that make it easier for families to arrange and enjoy their sleeping arrangements.  Not to mention multiple bathrooms, possibly a washer and dryer, and a kitchen with cupboards, dishwasher, refrigerator, and other comforts of home.

For those with small children who go to bed much earlier than teenagers and older adults, multiple-room places are essential to a good vacation. At a hotel that means purchasing an adjoining room unless there’s an extended stay or special family-oriented resort in the vicinity.

Traveling in large numbers certainly has its advantages when it comes to lowering room costs. Even some of the finest luxury rental homes found near the shores of Lake Tahoe may at first appear to be quite the pretty penny until one realizes how many people the place can comfortably house. One of the featured homes on the Lake Tahoe property management website, Goldfish Properties, costs $1400 per night.

At first glance, that seems like a hefty price tag for one night. Yet, upon further investigation, it actually turns out to be a pretty good deal for anybody planning a special occasion where multiple families and friends are getting together. For one, it is a stunning, absolutely gorgeous property just across the street from the lake.

It is also a whopping 9,000 square-foot home with a huge outdoor deck, a hot tub, large back yard, a pool table, eight leather recliners, and a home theater system. Oh, and it has six bedrooms and sleeps 22, which brings the price tag down to a respectable $70 per night per person.

While hotels definitely have their advantages, such as restaurants, a pool, and a spa on the premises, the outdoor beauty of Lake Tahoe coupled with the economical price tags, really make it the ideal location for most families to go with a condominium or home for their next vacation.

With multiple rooms and all the amenities of home, they really are the most accommodating of accommodations.