Snow Comes to Tahoe in Leaps and Bounds

It seems only fitting that in a year in which we observe February 29, the majority of winter storms opt to leap over most of the ski season in the Sierra Nevada before they leave heavy snow behind.

With the second driest December on record since state and federal officials started taking measurements more than 65 years ago – and just traces of precipitation in January and February – it’s been anything but a stormy situation in Lake Tahoe.

Yet, as they say, good things come to those who wait.

Experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are expecting an additional 5 to 8 inches in and around the region today. Add that to the 3 to 5 feet from the last storm and the totals in the past three weeks have far surpassed those of the past three months.

In fact, Kirkwood is reporting a base of six feet and Alpine Meadows just over 3 1/2. Even Diamond Peak, which is practically at lake level, has a base of 3 feet. That is quite the change considering just a month or so ago, the only snow was of the man-made variety.

Due to the arid conditions, most skiers and snowboarders have decided to skip out on taking their usual weekend and holiday trips to Lake Tahoe this winter. Thanks to the copious amounts of snow that has fallen in the past few days, however, that is all changing.

While it usually marks the beginning of the end of the ski season, the month of March this year has become the ideal time for many families to take that leap into a trip to Tahoe – and finally into some fresh powder.

Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Conditions (and climbing)

Alpine Meadows – 44-85″/3″ new

Boreal Ski Resort – 50-80″/3″ new

Diamond Peak – 40-60″/2″ new

Heavenly Ski Resort – 36-52″/2″ new

Homewood – 52-75″/2″ new

Kirkwood – 72-86″/3″ new

Mt. Rose – 33-58″/1″ new

Northstar-at-Tahoe – 36-53″/2″ new

Sierra-at-Tahoe – 26-59/2″ new

Squaw Valley –  25-61″/3″ new

Soda Springs – 24-30″/2″ new

Sugar Bowl – 39-84″/2″ new

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