A Tahoe Winter Forecast to Finally Crow About

The winter in Lake Tahoe has been so unseasonably warm and dry, wildlife biologists have said many animals that are normally hibernating at this time are instead wide awake and out looking for food.

Weather at Mt. Rose Ski Resort on Monday

With a few storms bearing down on the area this week expected to leave up to three feet of snow, the forest critters might want to end their midnight snack and head back home for a quick catnap before springtime.

The last three months have been some of the driest on record, with December coming in as the second most arid since weather officials started keeping records more than 65 years ago.

Tahoe was hit with a series of small storms more than a week ago, but all the snow that was left on the ground was no match for the 50-plus temperatures that followed.

Skiers and snowboarders are hoping this week’s storms heading down from Alaska will change things. Instead of sunny skies and conditions more apropos for the month of May, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is calling for a forecast more in line with a normal winter.

Here is a quick look at the forecast courtesy of Weather.com (Incline Village, NV):

While it’s always great to know precipitation is on the way, it’s also good to know that the system is a cold one. With snow levels expected to be down to 3,000 feet and accumulations expected to be near three feet at higher elevations, winter may finally be here.

For skiers and snowboarders, that is music to their ears. For all those who should be slumbering right now in their burrows and dens – hopefully they are hearing a lullaby.


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