Going Cross-Country in Lake Tahoe

While most people head to Lake Tahoe in the winter to enjoy a day skiing or snowboarding at one of the popular ski resorts, there are two other exciting and invigorating outdoor activities that visitors might want to cross paths with while on vacation.

Wide open alpine terrain and incredible vistas of the lake below make snowshoeing and cross-country skiing ideal for all those looking for alternative afternoon plans.

Considering there are no lines and no expensive lift tickets associated with escaping to the “great outdoors” only adds to the allure.

The skis needed for a little back-country adventure are designed much differently than regular downhill skis. They are much skinnier and allow for the heel of the boot to come up in order to help propel the skier forward through the snow. Because of this, most people don’t own their own pair of cross-country skis.

Since snowshoes, too, are so uniquely designed, most outdoor enthusiasts opt not to purchase these items either.

Yet, that shouldn’t discourage anyone from heading out into the wilderness – such as the Mt. Rose Meadows – as there are plenty of ski shops on the north shore that carry all the necessary equipment.

Here are just a few of the more well-known local establishments to visit:

Porter’s Tahoe – Tahoe City, Truckee (www.porterstahoe.com)

Tahoe Dave’s – Tahoe City, Truckee, Kings Beach, Squaw Valley (www.tahoedaves.com)

Village Ski Loft – Incline Village (www.villageskiloft.com)

Lake Tahoe is a mountain paradise where people “get away from it all.” The last thing anyone wants is to battle crowds and wait in long lines, only to be left in bumper-to-bumper traffic as he or she leaves the ski resort.

Since that is what many face during the week as they travel to and from work, escaping to the tranquility of a pristine mountain pine forest for a little family picnic or light exercise could be the next perfect Tahoe winter vacation idea.

It’s at least worthy of trying – and crossing off your list – before heading back to the ski resort for a little downhill fun.

When renting equipment from one of the many top-notch local ski shops, be sure to ask about places to go as well as current snow conditions. If needing help with accommodations in Lake Tahoe, be sure to visit Goldfish Properties at http://www.goldfishproperties.com or call 800-948-7311.

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